Fuel Vapor Lock

Fuel Vapor Lock occurs when the fuel turns into a vapor in the fuel lines, or in fuel rail, caused by excess heat in the engine compartment

A marine engine is in an enclosed hatch with no airflow surrounding the engine. With induction of ethanol in the fuel, which is alcohol based, it causes the fuel to turn into a vapor at a much lower temp than gasoline without ethanol.

This problem is becoming worse for marine engines due to the fact that there is no air circulating around the engine

We here at Extreme Speed and Marine have the knowledge and experience
to fix the problem. 

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On a viper v10 engine or any variety of other marine engines that experience a fuel vapor lock give us a call and know that we can cure your hard starting engine.

Symptoms of Vapor Lock:  

  • Engine will quit running while under way.
  • It will require a cool down of at least 30 minutes before restart.
  • Hard restart necessary when the engine sits for a while
  • Engine stalls at low speed

Fuel system should be in perfect order before diagnosing fuel vapor lock. After the fuel system is found to be in good working order then we can go ahead with the proper repair procedure. Sea strainer fuel cooler and necessary fuel lines and reroute the water lines as necessary. The cooling system should be also in good working order and the raw water pump should be in tip top shape as well as the oil cooler should be free of any debris

We can end the stalling as we increase and optimize your boat engine for better high performance.

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Diagnosis and correction of a fuel vapor lock

The systems of the engine need to be working properly. The fix consists of a shut off valve sea strainer fuel cooler and custom hoses and custom bracket for the install and a fuel return line.


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