Asnu™ Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Service

Test, clean, and service

On a direct injection engine, a very fine mist of fuel is injected directly in to the combustion chamber.

Carbon can build up on the tip of the injector and interfere with the distribution and atomization of the fuel.

Even the slightest loss of the fuel delivery will have an adverse effect on the engines drivability, power output, fuel economy and exhaust emissions.

At Ermonds Boats we are proud to present fuel injector diagnostic, service, and repair for all marine fuel injectors.

We can flow match to factory specs for outboard, inboard and PWC for a smoother performance.

Poor injector performance
affects the engines performance.

All injectors - marine, motorcycles, cars, etc.
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ASNU™  Ultra-Sonic cleaning process with its thorough analysis of the fuel spray pattern and flow rate creates more accuracy for flow balance.

  • Printed results for you before and after service.
  • Call today for smoother
    engine tomorrow.


Highest standards for optimal performance

Injector Diagnostics

  • Poor Starting and Drivability
  • Lack of Power and Uneven Idling
  • Excessive Exhaust Emissions
  • Malfunction Indicator Light
  • High Fuel Consumption
  • Lack of Power

We can end the stalling as we increase and optimize your boat engine for better high performance.

Servicing Injectors will save time and money on service and repair bills, prolonging the life of valves, rings, sensors, and exhaust system.

24 Hour Turn Around

Ermonds Boats  offers the highest level of services
for all our customers.

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