Velocity Powerboats
Excitment Comes Standard

VELOCITY's goal is to give you an exciting experience with your boat. Whether it is going fast, racing professionally, or just enjoying the weekend with your family, VELOCITY has a boat for you.

VELOCITY Powerboats' innovative design allows the boat to get on plane quicker, reach higher top speeds, and turn sharper and safer than conventionally designed boats. Even with any size engine, VELOCITY Powerboats are fuel-efficient.

When it comes to high performance powerboats, VELOCITY is the proven leader in its class. Powerboat building experience comes from over 35 years of technological breakthroughs and World Class Record wins in racing! The construction is the most advanced in the industry and has been race proven for the last 27 years.

Watch the movie and enjoy the ride as you feel yourself
soaring thru the waves on a Veloccity Powerboat !
Enjoy the Movie!
5:04 min.)

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